Daeng Jamal Holds a Press conference related to news at match times

Jurnal34news.com - Jakarta - Jamaluddin held a press conference related to the oblique news which was published by an online media person in Jakarta entitled RPTRA Kalijodo to be a crowded place.

press conference held in the RTH kalijodo meeting room screening North Jakarta, this Daenk Jamal spoke up and felt aggrieved that the news had damaged his image. Saturday (03/11/18).

"With the news of the journalists, they did not see the condition of the location. They should have seen it immediately, don't play preaching what was not."
They, he continued, considered the visitors to be their business area.

"Even though we did not collect fees from the visitors. We also provided the Bintang Timur troops, to look after RTH kalijodo. And they were 100% not paid by the regional government. They were voluntary who were not paid by the local government and which disturbed my family's burden.
"My intention is only to make visitors comfortable with the facilities provided by the Regional Government, plus our dangdut entertainment." Provide
"I finance and care for our officers, and I hope that the media partners will synergize with us. By providing news on the activities that occur at the Jakarta Times. To add more visitors,"

When asked about the visitors carrying two illicit items (Narcotics and alcoholic beverages) he was shocked by visitors who brought liquor.
"Those who visited here were thousands, not dozens. If there were two items, we were immediately alert and destroyed the two items."

"So we were not the ones who prepared it. Instead we destroyed it. I am ready to be responsible for all the documents we have."

Regarding security in the RTH area kalijodo he explained that there were several security points at Kalijodo.

"Our team of the East Star Guard keeps every point and they are children and younger siblings of Garda who are willing to be paid by the local government."

The hope is to ask media colleagues to share the objection news.

"I hope the person comes to clarify the news. Come to us well and we are ready for peace. If they do not want to make peace. Yes, do not try ... For me, Jakarta, the area which is very small.

Ikhsan Rauf Secretary General of Garuda added and responded to this said.

I am open to dialogue for reports,
"He accepts with an open heart. We also from the guard team will take further steps. They have to see what Kalijodo is like now."

"We don't feel disturbing. But if we are disturbed, get ready for our gifts." continued Daenk Jamal.

Mita, a visitor from Kedoya, explained that the RTH Kalijodo was an icon that was really good.

"In addition to being visited, there is also a lot of entertainment that is very happy," a comfortable and safe place
To input lighting managers at each point it is added to be even brighter, he said,

Another thing with Bunga visitors from Cianjur he came far away just to enjoy the entertainment that is at RTH Kalijodo,

"You can dance together and enjoy dangdut entertainment, not the place to close the lid. ( red).
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